New Home Builders

New Home Sales Automation

As a dedicated New Home Builder sales automation system, RealtyTek equips your business with the digital prowess to put your sales team front and center. Our sales automation platform gives you full control over prospect and lead management through a simple mobile interface powered by automated workflows and real-time connectivity. Elevate your sales platform, starting here.

Excel in Customer Relationships

Every home build starts with a positive connection. RealtyTek app is engineered to capture client-facing interactions that take the leads in your orbit and drops them into the sales pipeline. The results are superior marketing analytics that gives your team insight (not hindsight), and every lead is truly an opportunity to turn big marketing campaigns into happy customers.

Less to Input, More to Achieve

When you implement an automated sales system that understands your sales process, you’ll find there’s little to do but get to the next step. With a 360-degree customer view and synchronized contact, calendar scheduling, automated client and pipeline management, omnichannel lead capture and more, your sales agents can spend less time on manual administrative duties that pile up – and more time converting the lead.

With a Simplified Sales Process

Leads, become prospects and prospects, customers, because they understand your process and are confident in the decision they’re making to purchase with you. RealtyTek removes the ambiguity of the process and puts it in hand in the form of a simple easy-to-use app.

With an automated sales process and on-the-go mobile access, RealtyTek offers seamless adoption across your entire business from the office to the field. And with add-on value that bolsters your existing CRM system, you can equip your sales team with the technology they need to turn static data into actionable assets at every turn.

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