Sales Automation for
Real Estate Professionals

From ease-of-use and mobile functionality to seamless
client-agent-team adoption, empowering data collection
and intelligent workflow automation, RealtyTek
responds to real estate challenges with a solution that
evolves how you do business.

Built Exclusively for the Real Estate Industry

Developed from the ground up for New Home Builders, General Brokerage Agents and their Clients,  RealtyTek lets you organize and nurture the deal while boosting performance with optimal conversion rates at minimal acquisition cost.

We’ve capitalized on legacy CRM shortcomings such as steep learning curves, passive record-keeping and management-style design for real estate sales software that’s actually built for use by everyone — from team members to leads.

RealtyTek is an easy to use modernized real estate sales pipeline process—from marketing and interaction to connectivity and transaction—without breaking stride.

Eliminate inefficiencies and elevate the customers’ experience by digitizing registration. Create confidence in your process from the initial meet by giving leads more than just a brochure.

Realty Technology
with an Edge

Unlike CRM software, RealtyTek enhances the user experience by streamlining productive interactions through quick, accessible and actionable insights at client and property levels.

Offering real-time connectivity for leads, agents and teams, RealtyTek automates time-consuming inefficiencies that bog down activity, while making everything from real estate client tracking and home tour tracking to preferences, registration and buying fully transparent and digitally accessible — right from the palm of your hand.

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Real Estate Sales requires
something different…

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Customer Experience (CX) Elevated

Instant Actionable Information and Accessibility

  • Digitally organized buying process
  • Facilitate the decision-making
  • Track meaningful communications
  • Keep all purchase history details in one place

Tech Built for How You Do Business

It’s time real estate operated more efficiently from your smartphone!

NOW You can manage routine, time consuming tasks, quickly and on-the-go…
With all the information you need to convert prospects to clients and tours into contracts in the palm of your hand.

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